Wholesale Access conducts a yearly Production Revenue and Expense Comparison for builder-affiliated mortgage companies, culminating in a meeting with top officers and financial analysts from each of the participating firms. In 2005, 11 firms and Wholesale Access staff met in Tampa for a full day discussion of the aggregate findings and best practices issues in the industry. The benchmarking process shows study group members how their strategies, markets, loan types and so forth affect their income and cost structures and how their approach to the business varies from their peers.

After a decade spent developing a benchmarking methodology for the large wholesale and retail lenders, Wholesale Access is now using that methodology to measure a sub-sector of the mortgage banking industry, builder-affiliated mortgage companies. This benchmarking creates an accurate accounting of the cost and income structures of many of the large builder-owned firms in the origination business. [To view a summary of an academic article on the value of benchmarking and industry peer networks, click here.]

The study group forms in February each year. The data collection and analysis takes about four months to complete and is followed by a one-day study group meeting. Contact Tom LaMalfa for information about taking part in future studies. The benchmarking data derived from these studies is proprietary to the companies that participate and therefore not for sale or distribution.


l NEW l Wholesale Access Completes its Seventh Annual Benchmarking
of Builder-Affiliated Mortgage Companies

Released July 16, 2007

Wholesale Access Completes its Sixth Annual Benchmarking
of Builder-Affiliated Mortgage Companies

Released July 31, 2006

Wholesale Access Completes its Fifth Annual Benchmarking
of Builder-Owned Mortgage Companies

Released June 17, 2005

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