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Broker Studies

In late 2004, Wholesale Access embarked on its seventh in a series of mortgage brokerage studies. The goals of the research are to study the demographics, production volume, use of technology, product menus, financial and pricing issues, software providers, wholesaler relationships, market share, B2B relationships and life cycles of brokerage firms. Two detailed surveys of brokerages are undertaken, enough to derive statistically valid results and randomly drawn from the estimated universe. The project will be completed in July 2005.

Our previous study, Mortgage Brokers 2002, determined there were approximately 44,000 brokerages operating in that year. Collectively they accounted for 65% of all residential mortgage production. These findings were derived from 4,024 telephone interviews of mortgage brokerages.

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Monthly Trends in Mortgage Broker Activity

The National Association of Mortgage Brokers (NAMB) and Wholesale Access have joined together in an
attempt to fill a gap in the mortgage origination data collected for the industry. No one is measuring the
products brokerages are originating. Wholesale Access and NAMB propose to correct this shortcoming
by publishing a monthly roster of the products brokers are originating.

Wholesale Access has designed an Internet-based survey that contains eighteen questions and takes a few
minutes for brokers, i.e. owners of brokerages, to complete. The goal is to quickly ascertain changes in
the market by measuring volume, loan mix (conforming, jumbo, A-, subprime and government) along
with information on high-LTV, Alt-A and other so-called “non-traditional” loan products.

Specifically, the project will do the following:

  • Track changes in the monthly mix of originations of major types of mortgages, especially nontraditional mortgages.
  • Track lenders buying new types of mortgages, such as IO, Payment Option Arms, Alt-A, high LTV.
  • Develop an index measuring the monthly changes in origination activity by the brokerage community.
  • Prepare a summary of the results that will be posted to NAMB’s website and emailed to survey participants.
  • Generate positive publicity for NAMB and Sponsors, while filling an information void.
  • Surveys will be conducted electronically on Wholesale Access’s website.
  • NAMB’s Delegate Council will recruit brokers to participate in the survey.
  • Sponsors will get 12 monthly reports of survey results plus additional analysis and access to the raw data (except for broker names).

We anticipate a panel of 500 to 1,000 brokers will complete the online survey each month. Approximately 300 completed surveys per month will be needed to achieve statistical significance and provide smooth data trends. Sponsors receive the monthly reports and analysis and will be publicly thanked at the NAMB Convention in June 2007.

For details about the cost of sponsoring and owning this valuable database, contact
Tom LaMalfa: (216) 752-6610 •
David Olson: (410) 772-1161•

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