Wholesale Access is a research and publishing company founded in 1991 by David Olson and Tom LaMalfa, focused exclusively on the residential mortgage market. The company’s staff combined comprises priceless expertise in the workings of the industry and its players

Examples of large multi-client projects include their definitive series on broker and non-broker originators, an examination of the nation’s minority mortgage market, and groundbreaking research on the economics of mortgage prepayments. Wholesale Access also offers clients proprietary research such as their production revenue and expense benchmarking series.

The company maintains a time series of statistics on the residential mortgage market going back to the 1980s. This valuable web-based resource is available to subscribers of The Home Mortgage Industry Annual Report.

Wholesale Access has been involved as an expert witness in about 30 court cases over the past 15 years. Most of these cases involved mortgage brokers and the issue of payment of yield spread premiums to them. We have served both in support of the plaintiff and the defense. Other issues were bad loans, lost finance charges, tax value of second mortgage deductions, sex discrimination, broken contracts, theft of corporate secrets, excess interest rates charged, and the value of a mortgage banker. We have also been hired to give expert testimony before the Senate Banking Committee and the staff of HUD.

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