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The Characteristics of Industry Peer Networks
How IPNs Help Companies Address Their Limitations
Combating Myopic Tendencies

The Characteristics of Industry Peer Networks
As with Wholesale Access' groups, the authors note that:

  1. IPNs typically have no more than 20 members (limited size is critical to the ability to communicate effectively).
  2. That there is "selective admission" to the group, meaning that to be included in the group a firm's participation must benefit the group as a whole.
  3. There are face-to-face group meetings - typically two to four a year and lasting two to three days and with "time for socializing as well as discussion."
  4. There is "detailed discussion of management issues" and "sharing of financial data - During group meetings, confidential financial data are typically disclosed and presented in standard formats that allow peer-to-peer benchmarking."

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