New Broker Research Project Announced
For Release September 5, 2006

Wholesale Access announced today that it was preparing to conduct its eighth examination of the mortgage brokerage industry since 1990, Mortgage Brokers 2006. What will be developed is a roster of currently operating mortgage brokerages, along with detailed, statistically-valid data and analysis about fundamental aspects of their business and industry. As in the past, five areas will be examined: brokerage demographics, their use of technology and the Internet, products, key prime and nonprime wholesalers, and operations.

The series of studies began with The Nation’s Mortgage Brokers in 1991, followed by The Cost of Origination—Are Mortgage Brokers the Low Cost Producers? in 1992, then Mortgage Broker Study 1994: Facing Industry Threats and Adapting to Change. Next came Mortgage Brokers 1999, Mortgage Brokers 2000, Mortgage Brokers 2002and Mortgage Brokers 2004, the last published in July 2005. Fifteen years of studying mortgage brokerages.

The purpose behind this series of reports is to examine how mortgage brokerages change, evolve and adapt to different market conditions. Once again, Managing Director and project director Larry Pearl will develop the sampling frame, design and field test the short survey, draft and field the long survey, and prepare the hundreds of tables for analysis. Each step will be tested, validated and quality controlled to assure statistical validity. Sponsors, who will be announced at the MBA Convention in October, will have input into the survey questions. The study will be completed in July 2007.

Deliverables will again consist of a CD with the names and addresses of all verified operating brokerages, raw data from the two telephone surveys (file structured for micro analysis), and a telephone book-size report highlighting the study’s findings. (A summary and overview of the macro findings--numbers, market share, products, top wholesalers, etc.-- will likely be initially unveiled at the NAMB’s Annual Convention in June 2007. This has been the norm over the years anyway.)

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